Sony CSL Music Team: AI for Artists

Séminaire DHAI 2021-2022
Mardi 8 mars 2022 Mardi 8 mars 2022
De 12h à 14h
En ligne et salle de conférences du Centre Sciences des Données (escalier B, 3e étage)

45 rue d'Ulm
75005 Paris

48.8422951, 2.3442717

Intervention de Cyran Aouameur (Sony CSL Paris)

The music team in Sony CSL Paris investigates how A.I. can be beneficial for artists’ creativity. We research and develop proofs of concept and prototypes aiming at showing that A.I., if well used, can actually benefit artists and creators rather than replacing them. As an introduction to the way music is processed in data-driven approaches such as machine learning, we will start presenting a bit of the story of music representation, highlighting the interplay that exists between the musical content and the way humans formalize music. Then, we will dive into generative modeling for music creation, showcasing some of our latest research work as well as some interface development work. Finally, we will discuss new opportunities offered by AI, especially regarding the human-machine interface.

Mardi 8 mars 2022