La Souterraine Workshop

, updated on
17 July 2021

Field course, ENS-PSL (départements Art, Sciences sociales et Géographie)

The  multidisciplinary workshop of La Souterraine is an intensive week during which 12 students from the ENS and the EHESS have to study the economic, social and environmental dynamics in a deindustrialised rural town. The students are asked to build photographic apparatus in order to show inequalities trends that social sciences and geography analyse.

The cumulativity of the work realised during each workshop is a central question. That is why the students are trained to use different software and computerise data from their field work in order to save them numerically. These data may be quantitative or qualitative and they are saved as interview transcriptions, ethnographic cases study or photography metadata on office suite software and on Archethno (a software developed to save ethnographic data).

By the end of the workshop, the students know how to computerise qualitative data from social sciences that have different format. They are also lead to think about the level of confidentiality of data they computerise (public, team or private levels).



Practical information

  • Attachment: ENS-PSL (Art, Social Sciences and Geography departments)
  • Public: students of the ENS (Art and Social Sciences departments) and of the EHESS (from L3 to M2)
  • Courses taught in French 
  • No prerequisites
  • 9 ECTS credits delivered
  • Course validated as part of the ENS Diploma
  • From March 18 to May 20, 2021: 3 days of preparation, one week of fieldwork (from May 3 to 8, 2021) and 1 day of computerized data entry
  • Location: Preparation and transcription: Salle Roncayolo (R2-05), Campus Jourdan, Ecole normale supérieure, 48 boulevard Jourdan, 75014 Paris / Fieldwork: Convent of the Sisters of the Congregation of the Savior and the Holy Virgin, 48 rue de Lavaud, 23300 La Souterraine
  • Validation: participation in the field course, keeping an ethnographic diary, data entry