The organization

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11 March 2023
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The Observatoire des humanités numériques is a space of exchange between the different members of the ENS-PSL.



The ENS-PSL Observatoire des humanités numériques is directed by Léa Saint-Raymond.

Alumna of the ENS, she has a degree in economics and social sciences and she received her Ph. D in art history. She places digital humanities at the heart of her work, in a transdisciplinary perspective. 

She founded the research projects GeoMAP, DatArt and Digital Viau, and she co-directs MSS.

Léa Saint-Raymond has been teaching digital tools at ENS-PSL since 2019 (introductory digital humanities course, project coaching and intensive training). She also coordinates the DHAI seminar


The organizational chart

The Observatory of Digital Humanities at ENS-PSL is based on a steering committee, which acts as a link with the EUR Translitterae, and relies on a network of correspondents in digital humanities.