Specialized trainings

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12 July 2022
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Discover the more specialized courses in digital humanities offered by ENS-PSL.

Arts and figures

Valid for the DENS program: 6 ECTS year or 3 ECTS semester.

This course questions the computational approach to the arts: do numbers dry up what makes artists special and do they miss the "beauty" of the works by trying too hard to put them in a box? Or do they provide other research hypotheses, other ways of approaching art history? The first semester sessions will address different quantitative methodologies, based on specific examples - prosopography, econometrics, digital cartography, computer vision, digital humanities applied to heritage, cognitive sciences. The second semester will be devoted to the preparation of a study day associated with the DatArt project, which aims to decentralize the study of the art world to the regions.

Sessions: Mondays, from 5 to 7 pm in S1. September 19, 2022. October 3. October 17. November 7. December 5. January 16; January 30, 2023. Study day in S2. The S1 sessions take place at 45 rue d'Ulm, in the conference room of the Data Science Center (staircase B, 3rd floor) and by videoconference. Course director: Léa Saint-Raymond. Registration: please write to lea.saint-raymond@ens.psl.eu


Introduction to natural language processing

The course provides an overview of automatic language processing techniques applied (and applicable) to digital humanities issues.

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IHMC Quantitative Workshop

This workshop aims to accompany students, doctoral students and researchers in the use of quantitative techniques in history. At the same time, it will also discuss the debates related to these uses.

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Master Class "Emerging Africa: mobile city, digital lives?"

The Geography Department is organizing a master class in South Africa in March 2023. This training in fieldwork will focus on the digitization of mobility practices in the city.

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Walking Ethnography and Digital Tools

The course provides intellectual and digital tools for editing ethnographic survey materials, and learning about data management and modeling using ArchEthno software.

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Urban Machines

An introduction to digital mapping as a rendering format. Students are asked to annotate (in real time if they can with their smartphone) a free digital map (mymaps) with texts, quotes, references, photos or drawings.

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La Souterraine Workshop

This workshop offers 12 students from ENS and EHESS the opportunity to carry out a transdisciplinary fieldwork survey combining ethnography, photography and geography during an intensive week. At the end of the course, the students are familiarized with computerized data entry of different kinds.

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