From the humanities research corpus to the digital project: an initiation by example

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11 July 2023

Course in digital humanities offered at ENS-PSL. 

Course directors: Léa Saint-Raymond and Valérie Theis.

Valid for the DENS program: 6 ECTS.

How to build a research corpus and to valorize it in a digital environment? Using a concrete example - Archives normaliennes - this course will introduce students to all the stages of a collaborative research project in digital humanities, from the constitution of the corpus to its exploration, its editorialization and its final publication.

Practical information

The working sessions take place at 45 rue d'Ulm, in the conference room of the Data Science Center (staircase B, 3rd floor).

Registration: please write to

Validation: active participation in the research project.

Office: Observatoire des Humanités numériques de l'ENS-PSL : office BC211, on Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning (

2022-2023 Edition: Archives normaliennes

The group of students who validated the course last year worked on the Archives of the ENS-PSL.

2021-2022 Edition: George Viau's collection

The group of students who validated the course worked on the collection of some 1,200 impressionist and post-impressionist works of the dental surgeon George Viau (1855-1939), from the constitution of the corpus to its exploration, editorialization and final publication on the Digital Viau website.

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