PhD student
city centres revitalisation, architectural and urban heritages, place branding, towns
Department of Geography and Territories
, updated on
11 January 2022
RC, bureau PP018
45, rue d'Ulm 75230 Paris cedex 05

I am an architect-urban planner and doctoral researcher at the Jean Pépin Centre. I am interested in the revitalisation of French city centres.

Field of research

I am particularly interested in the evolution of heritage practices in shrinking towns (research supported by the Palladio Foundation). In parallel to my research, I am the Director's Assistant of Fine Arts of the Fontainebleau Schools of Music and Fine Art and I teach urban planning and architecture at the Department of Geography of the ENS. Digital tools already have an important place in geography, especially GIS, which allows the spatialisation of quantitative data.

However, the impact of the Covid crisis on research has led me to develop new survey tools that can be used remotely, such as interactive instantaneous mapping or collective digital note-taking. I am also interested in the cumulative nature of students' work during my lectures. I have also been testing in my courses (La Souterraine Workshop and Urban Machines) the capacity of online mapping platforms (u-map and mymaps) to store and accumulate data of different kinds and field analyses.


  • La Souterraine Workshop (Field course)
  • Urban Machines (Lecture)