Documentation, description and indexing of digital data: the role of metadata

Introductory course in digital humanities 2022-2023
Monday 14 November 2022 Monday 14 November 2022
from 4.30 to 6 PM
With the participation of
Richard WALTER (Research/ CNRS)
Dublin core
ENS-PSL, salle de conférences du Centre Sciences des Données

45 rue d'Ulm
75005 Paris

48.8422951, 2.3442717

Fourth session of the introduction to digital humanities course, led by Richard Walter.

Digital humanities bring a set of tools to the field of humanities and social sciences, in order to create new knowledge and to facilitate its dissemination, analysis and archiving, through computer technologies. They also constitute a trans-discipline and a research community, which we will question from a critical perspective.

The Observatory of Digital Humanities at ENS-PSL proposes an introductory training in two levels. The first level aims to introduce students to research practices in a digital environment. 

The courses take place at 45 rue d'Ulm, in the conference room of the Centre Sciences des Données (staircase B, 3rd floor). 

Registration to the course: please write to

Validation: attendance and a critical review of a scientific event on topics related to digital humanities or a reading note on a book or a corpus of articles on a topic related to digital humanities. 

Monday 14 November 2022