Digital Mapping with Python and Javascript

Introductory course in digital humanities 2022-2023
Monday 23 January 2023 Monday 23 January 2023
From 5 to 7 PM
With the participation of
Quentin Bernet (Student/ ENS-PSL)
ENS-PSL, salle de conférences du Centre Sciences des Données

45 rue d'Ulm
75005 Paris

48.8422951, 2.3442717

Second session of the Introduction to Digital Humanities course (Semester 2), led by Léa Saint-Raymond and Quentin Bernet

The second level of the introductory course in digital humanities, this course - which does not require validation of level 1 - introduces students to digital tools and computational data analysis. No prior knowledge is required. These courses aim to provide a solid foundation in programming and corpus visualization. They encourage the appropriation of languages and techniques and allow, in fine, to be autonomous when it comes to producing and processing data digitally. 

The courses take place at 45 rue d'Ulm, in the conference room of the Data Science Center (staircase B, 3rd floor). 

Course director: Léa Saint-Raymond

Valid within the framework of the DENS: 6 ECTS (possibility to follow one or several sessions as an auditor, on request). Registration: please write to

Validation: attendance and technical achievement using one of the tools discussed during the semester (creation of records in Dublin Core, transcription and encoding of a manuscript, creation of an interactive map, etc.). 

Office : Observatoire des Humanités numériques de l'ENS-PSL : office BC211, by appointment (

Monday 23 January 2023