BUNKA: An Exploration Engine for Understanding Large Datasets

Séminaire DHAI 2023-2024
Mardi 7 novembre 2023 Mardi 7 novembre 2023
De 10h à 12h
ENS-PSL, salle de conférences du Centre Sciences des Données

45 rue d'Ulm
75005 Paris

48.8418371, 2.3440403

Deuxième séance du séminaire DHAI avec Charles de Dampierre et l'équipe BUNKA (Computational Social Science, École Normale Supérieure)

The increasing volume of digital information presents an unprecedented opportunity for solving numerous complex problems through Collective Intelligence. Yet, existing tools fail to fully harness this potential. To address these challenges, we introduce a new software called Bunka. Bunka is an Exploration Engine designed to enhance our understanding of large datasets. It achieves this by improving the epistemic quality of information through summarization and visualization, making complex data more understandable and insightful. Its core components include mixing Semantic Frames with Topic Modeling through the use of Embeddings & LLMs. We will showcase the practical application of Bunka through real-world case studies, providing a comprehensive examination of an individual's journey toward leveraging Collective Intelligence. Our tool is available at

Note: the presentation will be given via Zoom but other members of the project will be present in person for the discussion.

Mardi 7 novembre 2023