Zoé Brioude

études théâtrales
, updated on
25 November 2021

I entered the École normale supérieure in theater studies in 2019, I wrote two dissertations on ecology in contemporary theater.

Field of research

In parallel, I have been putting on plays since 2017: Et dans le trou de mon cœur, le monde entier (And in the hole of my heart, the whole world) by Stanislas Cotton, performed at the Piano di Sorrento amateur festival and at the Cité Universitaire theater; Matières à penser (Matter to Think), a play about our relationship to the matter of the world involving the real-time construction of a fog chamber, performed in March 2020 at the ENS Chemistry Department; and Je n'ai pas dit non (I Didn't Say No), a testimonial play about consent written by Margaux Loireleux and performed at the Nicole Loraux theater, among others.

Last year, I founded and presided over the APARTÉ association, a theater association at the ENS. This year, I'm doing an internship as an assistant to the artistic direction and to the direction of the Dunois theater under the direction of Christophe Laluque and I'm working on the project Inconscience Artificielle with Victor Blanchi, a fellow computer scientist and friend. What interests me artistically since my project Matières à penser and which unfolds in Inconscience Artificielle is what comes to disturb the human being, physically and psychically, in a world scrutinized and modified by science and technology. In the dialogue between the dreams of the world and the algorithms, the themes of ecology and disconnection from our immediate environment are expressed, a derealization exacerbated by the disembodied, digital character of the forms that will constitute the material of the show.