PhD student
Cognitive Studies
Languages and Foreign Cultures
Digital, Theatre, Modeling, Reception theories, Data base, Theatre reviews
Université PSL
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11 January 2022
Langues, textes, traitements informatiques et cognition (Lattice)
1 Rue Maurice Arnoux, 92120 Montrouge

I am a PhD candidate fully funded by the EUR Translitterae at the Ecole normale supérieure in Paris. I work at the LATTICE (Languages, Texts, Natural Language Processing and Cognition) laboratory under the supervision of Thierry Poibeau

Field of research

My thesis consists in exploring the reception of contemporary English theatre (2010 – 2020) by analysing two corpora based on the reviews written by two distinct groups of theatre critics: the journalistic one on the one hand, and the digital one on the other hand. More specifically, my research focuses on the similarities and differences between these two communities. Given the amount of data, I rely on digital technologies to investigate this field. I built a corpus of more than 40 000 theatre reviews in order to examine this cultural phenomenon on a larger scale. Thus my work constantly oscillates between Information Technology and literary studies, or between algorithms and theatre history.