Anca Dan

Associate professor in ENS (DSA, EUR Translitterae)
Sciences of Antiquity
Historical geography and geoarchaeology, 4D reconstruction of paleoenvironements, Hellenism and cultural transfer in Antiquity, digitalisation
Department of the Sciences of Antiquity
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20 February 2023

I study the history of space and people representations (what we generally call "geography", "cartography", "ethnography"), from the Classical (Greek and Roman) world to the Medieval and Early Modern reception.

Field of research

My main focus is on historical descriptions and maps, that I edit, translate and comment, in order to reconstruct the ancient landscapes, to find out the relationships between people and places, and to understand the cultural transfers that determined their representations. More generally, as an archaeologist and ancient historian, I am looking at the Greco-Roman cultural phenomenon from the perspective of its connections with other ancient cultures (Iranian, Jewish, Turkish). I strongly believe in interdisciplinary cooperations for a better understanding of the perception and representation of spaces and collective identities (cognitive studies) and for the reconstruction of the ancient environments (geosciences, paleobiology, new datation techniques). The digital humanities allow me and my collaborators to publish 3D views and 4D reconstructions of paleoenvironements and monuments, in order to facilitate their study and make them accessible to everyone online. Ancient objects and texts can be associated and serve together to the teaching of the ancient languages, online.


Hebros : Ainos (modern Enez), natural and cultural heritage :

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