Digit_Hum Initiative. Digital humanities between knowledge and know-how

Marie-laure MASSOT-CRESPO (Research/ CNRS)
Agnes TRICOCHE (Research/ CNRS)
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17 July 2021
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Digit_Hum was born out of the need to discuss the various uses of digital humanities and to structure these new practices at the École normale supérieure and the Université Paris Sciences & Lettres.

Research in the humanities and social sciences is increasingly linked to digital techniques and the problems of data dissemination on the Web. Since 2014, Digit_Hum aims to promote digital humanities and to contribute to structuring its practices, mainly at the scale of the ENS-Ulm where it is hosted.

As a collective initiative, Digit_Hum proposes annual workshops around a theme. They offer a space for discussion and reflection, aiming to report on new practices in the field of humanities and exploring technical solutions and new tools developed in digital humanities. They are an opportunity for researchers, engineers, librarians or students to share their experiences, to present their work and to dialogue with other current projects combining humanities and digital.

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On the Digit_Hum website, videos of the workshops are put online every year. It also provides portraits, various resources, a survey, and a regularly updated portfolio. This site is for anyone interested in this constantly evolving field. It is relayed by the epi-journal JDMDH (Journal of Data Mining and Digital Humanities), which publishes a special issue dedicated to the initiative's study days:

Digit_Hum is under the responsibility of two CNRS research engineers, Marie-Laure Massot (CAPHÉS) and Agnès Tricoche (AOROC), in collaboration with Julien Cavero (MOM). It has many partners, both within the ENS (EUR Translitterae, Ulm-Jourdan library, CNRS laboratories, etc.) and beyond (Paris Sciences & Lettres University).


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