Research Director
Cognitive Studies
Languages and Foreign Cultures
Natural language processing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, linguistics, cognitive sciences
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14 January 2022
Langues, textes, traitements informatiques et cognition (Lattice)
RC, bureau Tubio10
1, rue Maurice Arnoux 92120 Montrouge
01 44 326623

I work at LATTICE, a research unit specialized in linguistics and natural language processing (NLP) at the Ecole normale supérieure, in Paris. I also hold a PRAIRIE Fellowship on NLP and digital humanities (PRAIRIE is the Paris Artificial Intelligence Institute).

Field of research

I work on the contribution of natural language processing (NLP) techniques to the analysis of large corpora in literature and social sciences. My current projects mainly focus on the automatic production of poetry (using combinatorial and neural network methods, see the Oupoco project) and on the development of an NLP toolbox for the analysis of large literary corpora (for the French part of the BookNLP project). I teach an introductory course to natural language processing in the PSL Master in Digital Humanities, and I supervise students (at the Master and PhD levels) working at the intersection of digital humanities and NLP.

I have recently launched various initiatives (a intensive course, a working group and collaborative projects) around the impact of artificial intelligence on society. I am part of the Global AI Ethics Consortium (GAIEC) and occasionally publish articles on this topic in TheConversation.



Cours d’introduction au TAL, Master Humanités numériques de PSL

Participation au cours d’introduction aux Humanités Numérique de l’ENS


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