Jean Barré

PhD student
Computer Science
Literary History, Natural Language Processing, Machine learning, Stylometry
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24 October 2022
jean barré

I am a PhD student in Digital Huumanities / Computational Literary Studies. I work at the LATTICE laboratory under the supervision of Thierry Poibeau (CNRS - LATTICE) et Thomas Conrad (ENS - PSL).

Field of research

My thesis is part of the new research perspectives opened by machine learning and automatic language processing methods for the analysis of literary texts. These computational methods will allow us to model the literary canon, a notion constructed with the bias of society and shaped by successive receptions. The goal is to highlight the existence of textual dynamics that ensure an exceptional longevity to some works and threaten on the contrary the transmission of a majority of others.


Poibeau, T, Barre, J, et al. (2022) Event annotation for literary corpora analysis - DH2022 Tokyo.