Florence WEBER

University professor
Professeur des Universités, chercheur au Centre Maurice Halbwachs
Social Sciences
Ethnographie, sociologie, anthropologie de la parenté, histoire des sciences, économie informelle et politiques sociales, santé mentale, environnement
Department of Social Sciences
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10 January 2022
Florence Weber
3ème étage, bureau R3-32
48, boulevard Jourdan 75014 Paris
01 44 321516

Having practiced and theorized ethnographic fieldwork, and studied its history, I am working on the plurality, in a same historical period, of social settings fitted with different norms of conduct, described either as rules of politeness or as interaction rituals, and on the role of literacy and numeracy as both cognitive tools and ritual division of social settings.

Field of research

I am first interested in digital humanities first as an observer of interaction rituals and digital ways of thinking. As a teacher of collective fieldwork I discovered how digital tools allowed saving and sharing fieldwork pieces, and thus promotingrevisits” (what has changed, either observer’s eyes or studied society?), facilitating multidisciplinary research and respecting ethnographic deontology. I have thus followed more than preceded the use of digital tools by ethnographers and I am discovering the importance of their geolocation and visualization power.