Automatic poetry generation

Tuesday 12 March 2019 Tuesday 12 March 2019
De 10h à 17h

Organization : Thierry Poibeau, DR CNRS, Lattice. 

Sponsors : Labex Transfers, international research network (IRN) Cyclades.

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In 2019, with the beginnings of the Oupoco project on the combinatorial generation of poetry, a workshop was organised on the more general topic of poetry generation by computer. This workshop brought together speakers from different backgrounds, and also addressed the broader theme of the links between creativity and information science.


Full program.

In its abbreviated version and in the following configuration:

  • Goldsmith, Kenneth (Upenn), « What Big Data Can’t Do: The Pleasure of the (Perverse) Text »
  • Gervas Pablo (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), « A Quest for Voice in Machine Generated Poetry »
  • Berkman, Natalie (SAE Institute Paris) « Programming Oulipo: From the Birth of Computers to Python »
  • Bories, Anne-Sophie (U. Bâle), « Just the tip of the rule: the case of morales élémentaires »
  • McGregor, Stephen (Lattice, ENS) « A Bot by Any Other Name: Flexibility and Interpretability in Computer Generated Poetry »
  • Maignant, Mylène (Lattice, ENS) « Computing 19th Century French Literature: The OuPoCo Project »
  • Gregory Chatonsky (DHTA, ENS), « Fragmentation, translation, hyperproduction and artificial imagination »
Tuesday 12 March 2019