Electronic edition of works by Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo

Clement PLANCQ (Research/ CNRS)
, updated on
17 July 2021
Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo

The project aims at the electronic edition of Rabearivelo's works, carried out in the framework of the Translitterae project "Nominalisations" led by Laure Sarda.

The electronic edition of Rabearivelo's works was carried out within the framework of the Translitterae "Nominalisations" project led by Laure Sarda.

In addition to the paper volumes published by CNRS Éditions and the manuscripts published on the EMAN platform, we have begun the establishment of an electronic edition of the works of Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo.

Within the framework of this project we have worked on three collections of bilingual poetry:

  • Poèmes épars en malgache
  • Sary/Nofy / Presques-Songes
  • Nadika tamin'ny alina / Translated from the night

The electronic edition of these collections is available here.


For each text we present in parallel the Malagasy version, the French version, the facsimile of the manuscript or the typescript as well as a set of genetic and critical notes.

We use the TEI Publisher platform or which we have written an ODD file and a set of templates that allow the visitor to the site to modify the parameters for viewing the texts (with or without notes, with or without facsimile). The texts of the collections have been encoded in XML/TEI and are available under a CC BY-SA license here.


  • Laure Sarda, Lattice, head of the Translitterae project Nominalisations
  • Claire Riffard, ITEM, scientific editor of the electronic edition
  • Clément Plancq, Lattice, TEI encoding, electronic publication