University professor
French contemporary literature, Literature and digital, Design and literature, intermediality, art and literature relations
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20 July 2021
Théorie et histoire des arts et des littératures de la modernité (Thalim)
UVSQ - IECI - 47 Boulevard Vauban, 78280 Guyancourt

Professor of literature and contemporary art, University of Versailles Saint-Quentin / Paris Saclay, Center for Cultural History of Contemporary Societies, I have been using and developing digital tools since my first research on Claude Simon in the 1990s as part of the Hubert de Phalèse research team directed at Paris 3 by Henri Béhar. See the website.

Field of research

Main achievements :

  • Digital library Claude Simon - Les œuvres romanesques, 1992-1993, in collaboration with Patrick Rebollar, digitization of all the novels of Claude Simon. The text files were sent to the INALF (CNRS) for integration into the FRANTEXT database. Digital library Claude Simon, theoretical texts and interviews 1996-2000 Approximately 40 texts have been collected, tagged and made available to researchers.
  • Index of Claude Simon's vocabulary, from Le Tricheur to L'Acacia, 1993; updated version: Index of the vocabulary of Claude Simon's works, from Le Tricheur to Tramway, 2019, about 50,000 graphic forms. Pdf available on the Association des lecteurs de Claude Simon website
  • COLLOC. Repetition detector, 1993. Software for locating all types of graphic form collocations in a corpus, with parameterization of the maximum distance between occurrences of a repeated form.
  • COMPARATOR. Comparison analyzer, 1993. Software for locating and analyzing comparisons in a corpus. Works with a thesaurus of comparative tools and an inference engine to help with the analysis.


  • Pascal MOUGIN, « iSIMON. Plateforme collaborative des études simoniennes », to be published in Cahiers Claude Simon, n° 17, 2022.
  • Pascal MOUGIN et Patrick REBOLLAR, « Claude Simon, informatiquement », in Claude Simon 2 : féminin / masculin, Ralph Sarkonak (dir.), Paris, Minard, coll. « Revue des lettres modernes », 1996, p. 183-204.