Research Engineer
Computer Science
Sciences of Antiquity
, updated on
22 June 2023

I have been a research engineer at the CNRS since 2009, specializing in the analysis of ancient sources and scientific information. I am a member of the Centre Jean Pépin (UMR 8230), and part of the IPhiS-CIRIS project.

Field of research

My research focuses on ancient philosophy and the history of medicine. More specifically, I work on ancient epicureanism, skepticism, Hippocratic and Galenic medicine, and more generally on the history of empiricism and its links with certain ethical positions in antiquity. I am also interested in the transmission of Epicurean texts in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and more broadly in the editorial history of Epicureanism. I have a strong interest in the digital humanities as they apply to the sciences of Antiquity; I am involved in a global reflection on new methods for editing and analyzing ancient texts and on digital philology, with a strong commitment to Open Science and free software.

Livrables numériques

- base CIRIS

- cartographie des philosophes antiques

- site Epicurei

- site Marcianus

Tribunes, réflexions collectives, prospective de la recherche

- Chercheurs et réseaux sociaux : comment construire une présence savante sur internet

- Un autre numérique reste possible

- Comment l'évaluation ouverte renouvelle-t-elle la conversation scientifique ?