Carlo Maria ZWÖLF

Ingénieur de recherche
Social Sciences
Data-Science, Interoperability, Open Science, FAIR principles
Université PSL
, updated on
15 September 2021
Observatoire de Paris, site de Meudon - 5, place Jules Janssen, F-92195 Meudon cedex

I have a background in applied mathematics, modeling for physics and scientific computing.

Field of research

Since my arrival at the Paris Astronomical Observatory I have been involved in international alliances whose goal is to define standard for interoperability and best practices for research data sharing. This activity being intrinsically transversal and multidisciplinary, under the umbrella of the PSL IRIS Science des données-données de la science, I contributed to the conception and design of the new ArchEthno2020 tool, by providing expertise on state of the art practices and technologies