Art challenged by artificial intelligence

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10 July 2023
Le 9 mars 2022, un visiteur du musée Mauritshuis de La Haye, aux Pays-Bas, photographie une version de 'La Jeune Fille à la Perle' de Vermeer réalisée par Julian van Dieken, avec l'aide de Photoshop et de Midjourney. ©AFP - Simon Wohlfahrt

An audio series in 6 episodes from the editorial staff of France Culture on the upheavals in the arts linked to the development of artificial intelligence. In music, cinema, photography, painting and literature.

The question of art and artificial intelligence is not new. As early as the 1950s, Jean Tinguely launched his Méta-Matics, drawing machines, where the layout of the drawing was entrusted to the machine. But recently, the development of more and more general public of generative AI (new content) raises questions. How far, how the artist will keep the hand, and his rights?

Music, cinema, photography, painting, literature. Paintings by Louis-Valentin Lopez, Fiona Moghaddam, Benoît Grossin, Éric Chaverou and Margot Delpierre.

With in conclusion the analysis of Léa Saint-Raymond, interviewed by Joanna Blain.